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What is Lumina?

Lumina is a movement to establish a new autonomous city-state where the citizens directly vote on all laws, free from corporate lobbying influences, and corruption.


The current system of government is

. Politicians are
, and the people have
no say
in the laws that govern them.

We're on the precipice of a monumental shift. With

inflation rates
rocketing everyday living has become an uphill battle for many


societal divides
deepen, it's clear our world's foundations are shaking.

We believe that the only way to fix this is to start from scratch, and build a new city, with a new government, and a new system.

Current System

Elections are intended to give citizens a voice, allowing them to select their representatives. Yet, behind the scenes, corporations and lobbyists

fund and control
our elected officials.

The current system is

, and it's time for a change.

Lumina's System

Thanks to modern technology, it's finally possible to bypass corrupt representatives, by enabling citizens to debate and vote online, ensuring every citizen's voice has a say in the direction of our society.

Step by Step Plan

Define our mission & vision

Embarking on this journey requires a clear compass. Dive into Lumina's foundational beliefs by exploring our meticulously crafted mission and vision, serving as the beacon guiding our collective path forward.

Read our Mission

Grassroots Community Building

At Lumina, we believe that true progress sprouts from the ground up. Engage with our vibrant grassroots community, where every voice contributes to our evolving city-state movement.

Become a citizen

Building Digital Infrastructure

Our step-by-step blueprint involves setting up a collaborative platform for legislative drafting, introducing efficient voting systems, establishing interactive debate arenas, integrating comprehensive citizenship databases, and rolling out a modern banking infrastructure for Lumina's economic growth

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Planning Logistics

In the Settlement Logistics phase, we turn our vision into detailed actionable steps, prioritising fundraising initiatives, detailed infrastructure outlines, organising transport, and doing city planning. It's a comprehensive approach to ensure that Lumina's foundation is robust, sustainable, and primed for the future.


The Settlement step is where Lumina's vision truly starts to materialise, as we translate meticulous plans into concrete reality. This phase involves the physical establishment of infrastructure, realising city plans, and ensuring all foundational elements are integrated and functional, and laying down the bricks and mortar of Lumina.

Join the early adopters building capabilities and help shape our future. Get Involved

What is Lumina?

Lumina is a proposed autonomous city, or a city with it's own government, laws, and currency.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by:

If you have technical programming skills, design skills, or other skills, join our Discord and let us know how you can help.

Where will Lumina be located?

Lumina will be built in a yet-to-be-determined area. The city will be set up as an autonomous SEZ (Special economic zone) granting our city autonomy from it's host government.

Some proposed locations are:

  • SEZ in Auckland Island, NZ (Uninhabited)

  • SEZ Robinson River, NT, Australia.

  • SEZ near Calvert River, NT, Australia.

  • SEZ in Liberia

How can I become a citizen of Lumina?

You can become a citizen by first:

Who will be in charge of Lumina?

The citizens of Lumina will be in charge of the city. The citizens will vote on all laws, and will be able to propose and create new laws.

Once the Direct Democracy has been established, citizens will vote on laws and will be able to establish new ministries and government organisations.

Ministers will be elected by citizens using Single-Transferable-Vote (STV) to run the ministries that may be created in the legislation. The power of ministers will be limited by the legislation written by citizens.

This system reduces corruption, as ministers cannot be bribed to change legislation (as they do not have the power to do so, without majority citizen approval).

This system makes each government ministries independent and autonomous from one-another, and increases accountability of ministers to the public, as they are directly responsible for their own ministries, with only the citizens above to report to.

How does the system ensure that my vote is secure and counted accurately

Our system uses a multi-signature validation process. When you vote, your decision is sent to several independent divisions, each of which verifies and signs your vote.

You will also be able to verify that your vote was counted correctly by checking the anonymous public vote log and through immediate notifications sent to you confirming your vote.

For a more technical explanation of our system, see voting system security document

How will Lumina be funded?

Funding for the movement will be done through a few stages:

  • Stage 1: Funding essential services.

  • Stage 2: Transitioning into a professional organisation

    • Revenue from Lumina Banking services (transaction fees, interest on loans, etc)

    • Revenue from citizenship applications

  • Stage 3: Settlement

    • Revenue from land sales

    • Revenue from settlement packages (housing, supplies, etc)

    • Tax revenue

How will tax work in Lumina?

Lumina will be primarily using a consumption/sales tax, which is a tax on the purchases between individuals and businesses.

The consumption tax rate will be approximately set to around 20-30% and only charged on purchases between individuals and businesses.

Income will not be taxed. So if you earn $100,000, and spend $50,000 you are only taxed on the $50,000 you spent.

Benefits of a consumption tax

  • Simplicity: A consumption tax is relatively simple to implement and understand, compared to complex income tax systems. This could make it easier for the government to administer and for citizens to comply with.

  • Efficiency: A consumption tax can be efficient to collect, as it is levied at the point of sale and can be automatically collected through the use of digital technologies. This could reduce administrative costs and improve compliance.

  • Transparency: A consumption tax is transparent, as the tax rate is clearly visible on the price of goods and services. This could make it easier for citizens to understand the tax system and hold the government accountable for its tax policy.

  • Economic growth: A consumption tax can encourage economic growth, as it does not tax income or savings. This could provide incentives for individuals and businesses to invest and save, leading to increased economic activity.

  • Automatic: A consumption tax can be automatically collected through the use of digital technologies. This could reduce administrative costs and improve compliance. It removes the need for tax returns and lengthy forms for citizens to fill out

Other notes

  • Rebates for low-earners will be offered to citizens.

  • Citizens will also be able choose how part of their money is allocated towards government services, enabling them more direct control over what the government spends its money on.